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 August 8, 2020

Ministry life is beginning once again to pick up pace a bit. This new page on my blog is where I will let you know what I'm most recently doing here in the city. Things have changed a bit since Dave went to be with the Lord, and since I'm now a little older than I used to be!

This past several months, I was privileged to be part of a School for City Transformation that met via Zoom every week. We spent some intense time working with 7 Keys for city transformation, and the team is now in the process of developing strategies to implement each of these keys. I don't lead this team but am involved with the outworkings. I've been helping to develop an inventory that will facilitate getting people engaged in the specific areas of interest, gifts, skills, and experience for which they are best suited.

In July I was involved with the "graduation" time, and a four-day Open Heavens Conference that wrapped up our training time. 

I've stepped back into attending the city networks where we were involved when Dave was alive. I don't carry the same presence and anointing that Dave did, so my role is more on the sidelines, offering counsel and direction when asked. During this time of great chaos in our culture, we are seeing tremendous fruit of the last 20 years of work here in Omaha. The relationship between the community and the Police Dept. here is amazing, and it's totally different than any other city in the country. We've recently had a violence spike, but that has only served to remind the church that they had gotten a bit apathetic in their prayer efforts. Worship times and prayerwalks are springing up all over the city now, and we're excited to watch what God is beginning to do.

I'm presently starting to get my Strengths Coaching files back in order and initiating follow-up with a number of clients who had to be put on hold. This is still not generating the necessary income I need to supplement what I have, but hopefully that will grow. Christ For the City has asked that I come in to do some individual and team coaching with their office staff here in Omaha, so that's on the radar, but again no income from that. Please pray that some paying clients or some sponsorships for ministry leaders will materialize soon!

I'm still very engaged with both mentoring and personal care of ministry leaders. Interestingly enough, the Lord has also given me about 8 other widows who I meet with periodically to encourage. This journey of being alone is a difficult one, and many of them seem to just drop out of the church. I understand this, as going to church alone is probably the most difficult thing I've had to do since Dave died.  My new home is becoming a safe place where they can stop by for coffee and conversation.

I've met with someone to talk about the possibility of reproducing and distributing some of Dave's teaching materials. This is becoming a very real option, but will require significant work on my part....mostly to read his handwriting! Please pray that this door opens if it's what the Lord wants me to do with all his materials.

I'm still finding my way, but am gradually re-engaging with the ministry opportunities that the Lord is opening before me. Please continue to pray that I have much wisdom in this.

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