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Strengths Coaching

I have been certified to Coach both individuals and teams in the Gallup Strength Finder assessment. One of the greatest assets we have to help us become successful at all the God intends for us is self-awareness. Knowing who the Father has naturally wired us to become facilitates our success both in our vocation and our Kingdom serving. If you are interested in any of the following for yourself or your team, please contact me at or text me at (402) 490-1831. Cost of this coaching is flexible, depending upon your situation.

  • Top 5 Signature Talent Themes - Approx. 6 hrs. of individual coaching explores your Top 5 Signature Themes, how they are expressed through your daily life, how they interact with each other, setting goals & strategies to build them into Strengths.

  • Full 34 Profile - Approx. 12 hrs. of individual coaching explores Signature Themes, Auxiliary Themes, and Non-Patterns. We look at how they interact, how they express themselves in your daily life, and how to build them. We also consider weaknesses and blind spots, and plan management strategies.
  • Team coaching - Approx. 8 hrs. of exploring Top 5 Talent Themes of each team member and how they interact in the context of your team operations.


I have 50 years of experience with leading small groups, teaching all sizes of groups, leading workshops, and training other leaders and teams -- both in the church and other organizations. Teaching is my second strongest Motivational Gift, and I love sharing what God has shown in the past, as well as what He's doing in the present! Because I work as an Urban Missionary with Christ For the City International, I am not limited to any specific group or church, and can tailor teachings to your specific needs. Please consider me when you're scheduling classes, workshops, or conferences.
  • Spiritual Gifts & Strengths - This class can be done in 8 weekly sessions (4 on Spiritual Gifts and 4 on Strengths), or can be condensed into a shorter segment of time. We explore how God has wired us naturally (strengths) and gifted us spiritually (gifts).
  • Spiritual Authority - In this class we explore the various ways God develops Spiritual Authority in the life of a leader. Authority is something that cannot be demanded; it must be grown and developed as we experience life and respond to the Father.
  • Prayerwalking - Learn about the 8 kinds of prayerwalking you can do to change your neighborhood, your church, your business, or your school. Everyone can do this one!!
  • Evangelism 101 - What?! Me Witness? Learn how to effectively share your faith.
  • Step Up to Life Workshop - Evangelism workshop sharing the principles of Step Up To Life materials. Learn how God works by logical process to bring someone to Himself. Learn how to identify which step a person is on and how to work with the Holy Spirit to move them to the next step.
  • Names of God - Discover Who God says He is! These are the names He calls Himself, and each reveals a piece of His character.
  • Character Attributes of God - Who is this God we love and serve? The most important thing we need in this time of world chaos is a knowledge of who our God is. When we don't understand our situation, we can trust in His Character.
  • Knowing God & the Mission - This class can be scheduled over several weeks, as it explores the character of God, and helps us understand the mission of the church in this period of history.
  • Living in these Days - This is a study from Habbakuk, as well as the words of Jesus regarding the end times. The question in this class is "How shall we then live?"

Personal Ministry

  • Coaching - *See explanation above under Strengths Coaching
  • Mentoring - I've personally mentored dozens of young leaders, as well as other ministry leaders over the years. Generally I meet with them regularly once or twice a month to share what's happening in their lives, and speak the wisdom of experience into them.
  • Leadership Development - I've also gathered an abundance of leadership development materials over the years that have helped many leaders to step into their calling and destiny. Many of these are applied in the mentoring process.
  • Inner Healing & Deliverance - Over the years in ministry, I've had a great deal of experience in the area of inner healing and deliverance. We all deal with areas of Sins, Wounds, and Bondages that need Forgiveness, Healing, or Freedom. This is an essential ministry in the Body of Christ in order for us to be all that He has created us to be.

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