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I've decided that the best way to begin this page is to introduce you to our family. Many of you have known us for the entire 50 years we were married, and thus, also have known our children at different stages of their lives. However, some of you are new friends and may wonder about our children and grandchildren. Here's how the story goes:

Dave and I were married on June 28, 1969 in my home church -- a small Free Methodist Church in Midland, Michigan. My grandfather, who was a pastor for many, many years, married us and forever afterward proclaimed that he apparently tied the knot tightly enough to last!

On March 1, 1971, our first baby was born in Lansing, Michigan. Renee was a 7 lb. 6 oz. beauty, full term baby, but she had some breathing problems immediately upon arrival, and she only lived 8 hours. That was our first serious faith challenge at the ripe old age of 22 and 23.

One year later, on Feb. 28, 1972, Matthew David arrived to join us. Matt, somewhat like Jesus, grew in stature and in favor with God and man! Those of you who know him today know that he's 6'3" and substantial in stature! He married Lisa, and they had four children: Caleb, Peter, Jacob, and Rachel. I'll share a bit more about them as time goes by.


On August 10, 1973, Amy Rebecca joined our family. She was a bundle of energy that hasn't abated at all as the years have gone by. Amy married John Lynch, and they have three children: Taylor, Jack, and Will. They presently live in Cedar Falls, IA, where they own the Woolverton Printing Company, a fourth generation family business. Amy is also very active in Crossfit and is certified as a personal trainer.


On December 16, 1974, Sandra Dawn was born and our family was complete. She grew up and married Wade Anderson, and they have twin boys: Brock and Reid. They live in Mason City, IA, where we pastored most of the years the kids were growing up. Sandra is a pre-K teacher and works with 40 little ones daily.


Memorial Planting for Dave

August 8, 2020

Some good friends sponsored a memorial flower bed this year in the Shakespeare Garden located in Wessington Springs, SD. Not only did Dave attend high school and graduate from the Academy there, but we later returned to pastor the church for two years. This was a special gesture that has meant a lot to our family. Hoping to get up there to see it yet this summer.

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