Friday, March 26, 2021

Turkeys, Turkeys, and More Turkeys!

Here's a change of pace for us. I put up a new birdfeeder on the corner of my deck last weekend. All week it has been full of birds of every variety and color. It's been so incredible to watch them coming and going, and to have them sit on the deck and watch me thru the dining room windows. A pair of cardinals live behind my house in the trees, so I was thrilled when they both began coming to feed at the new birdfeeder!

So, with great anticipation yesterday morning, I threw open the blinds of my floor-to-ceiling windows and "what to my wondering eyes should appear," (as the story goes), but a big fat TURKEY sitting on the deck railing eating all the bird seed! You can imagine that I promptly chased him away with loud shouts and flapping my sweet neighbor was calmly throwing bread to them from his deck 20 feet away! In my mind they were an 11-member flock of ugliness at that moment, and the whole world was set out to foil my beautiful morning!!

But then I got to thinking as I guard the birdfeeder this morning. Sometimes big fat ugly "turkeys" appear in our lives. They seem to show up where they absolutely don't belong! We probably all have our list of "turkeys" we've compiled along the way, but just like the one at my birdfeeder....and his family in the yard.....we have a choice. We can choose not to let the "turkey" eat everything in our "birdfeeder"!

Today I've been researching how to keep turkeys out of your yard! It seems that one of the strategies is to get your neighbor to agree with you to not feed them. That sounds suspiciously like a parable to me! You know, one of those stories Jesus told about everyday life that had a spiritual application? So, we join together with others who can help us shoo the "turkeys" away from our "birdfeeders" as we plan new strategies, and learn to protect the seed God has put into our lives to nourish those around us.

Have a wonderful day! And don't forget to help those around you shoo the "turkeys" away when they come to steal and destroy!

Oh! here's the cardinal....I need to go stare at him for awhile....and here comes his wife.

PS -- I've just returned from another arm waving, shoo shouting, hand clapping trip to the deck to chase away another turkey! I wonder if one can be selective about training a small spaniel to only chase away ugly birds?!

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