Monday, September 23, 2019

The Ripples Continue

This past month I came across several friends from years past who had no idea that Dave was gone. I also came across a couple of close friends who didn't make the Memorial Service and asked that even 6 months later I would send them the video. So at the risk of being redundant, I'm going to post the link here for anyone who missed it and would still like to see it. This service was a wonderful tribute to an amazing man....who made us all a little crazy at times!

You might think it odd that I'd post this so long after his passing. Let me explain by telling you a brief story. Earlier this month, I took a week and headed to northern MN to spend some time with Dave's brothers and their wives. One of my sisters-in-law many years ago founded a non-profit in Minnesota that deals with research and education in the areas of ADD, ADHD, Autism, and other conditions on the spectrum. She was recently sharing with a group of therapists and had them watch the part of the service video where Pastor Dobie was talking about Dave's love of Velcro and how he used it to keep his life organized. The therapists, all of whom deal with these issues, watched spellbound as this little story of Dave's coping skills unfolded. Upon completion of the video, one of them commented that this was the biggest breakthrough in coping skills that they had heard in a long time, and that they should have personally thought of this 15 years ago! So, now they will begin to implement this simple strategy with their clients all over Minnesota. In the process of discovering a clinical suggestion, they also heard some things about what you're "velcroing" your life to! And so Dave's influence continues to ripple out and impact people he'll never meet in this life.

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