Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas 

"Did you get your Christmas shopping done?" 
"People are driving like maniacs and the checkout lines are too long..."
"Next year I am shopping more online!"
"How do I get a good gift exchange for under $5.00?"
"I can never figure out what to get ______, they are so hard to shop for."

This year as I was rushing around this thought came to me:
"I need to intentionally take a 'Time Out' for Jesus. Is that the way it should be?"

Then in the midst of "Getting ready for Christmas" violence erupted last Sunday as four men were shot and two killed. Why Now? Violence has been down this year...its been over a month since since someone was murdered... Why Now? How am I going to get everything done?  

Then as I stood in the cold rain Monday night before Christmas with a Mom that would gladly give anything to just have her son back for Christmas something in my spirit changed... as it probably did for those wonderful people who came with me to pray into violence and care for a grieving family.

Then something wonderful happened...When we went to the second PrayerWalk, the mom who had just lost her son came to pray for another mom who had just lost her son. 

Then even more...a third mom who had lost two children to violence a few years ago who came to both PrayerWalks and prayed with a power that I seldom see...and after everyone was gone she was standing on the site of the three shootings Sunday evening ministering to the first mom. 
Go to prayerwalking.gehrls.net for more and news videos on this amazing night.

Please take a few moments to view the Christmas Album Sheryl put together below.

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