Monday, August 25, 2014

Where did the summer go? Here we are at the end of August, and once again the kids are back in school, and Fall is just around the corner. It’s been some time since we’ve updated you, so this letter is long past-due. The middle of a very hot spell seems a good time to stay inside with the air conditioning, and catch up on all our news from Omaha. We write our updates together so sometimes Sheryl is sharing and sometimes Dave.

Our most recent “adventure” has been dealing with a foot surgery Sheryl had done on August 8th to correct an old injury. Walking very far had become quite challenging, so it was 
time to address this. Since the foot surgeon assured her he wasn’t doing it to “make her foot pretty”, the assumption is that the pain will be relieved and life will get back to normal. The procedure left her non-weight-bearing for 6-8 weeks…3 down and 3 more to go!
Doctor's Check-Up

Sheryl would admit she is a less than cheerful patient and hates it when she can’t take care of herself. She survived the first two weeks with the help of pain meds, lots of sleep and staying mostly in bed. In the process of learning to get around the house with various and sundry equipment, she has overcome some minor “ambulatory” challenges….including falling off the crutches and tipping over backwards in the wheelchair! One might attribute that to overdosing on pain meds, but alas! It was pure lack of coordination…and provides everyone a good laugh at her expense!

Dave’s next trip to Tijuana will be September 3-10, so we’re in the process of making all the arrangements to have people check in on her while he’s gone, and to let the dogs in and out, since she won’t be doing the stairs yet at that time. Please pray all that goes smoothly and that she doesn’t try anything daring while he’s gone!

Most of you know that Dave has been doing youth canoeing trips into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area between Minnesota and Canada since 1975. With 40 trips and over a 1000 campers, we saw a lot of spiritual impact when kids got away from all the distractions in our culture. 
Along North Shore of Lake Superior  (move mouse over pics to enlarge)
A great place for a special time with the Lord

Our kids grew up as part of those youth groups, but with each year maybe my last, this year was very special for me, as I took six of our grandkids, along with my son-in-law, to spend a week without TV, Smartphone’s, etc. on a beautiful island campsite in the wilderness. In our Bible times, I was challenged by their questions/insights and very blessed by their desire to understand how the Bible speaks into our current culture. 

God’s Favor in Omaha:
Last week Dave led the 17th First Responders Homicide PrayerWalk during 2014, compared to 36 at this time last year. This is an encouraging statistic, along with lower assaults with a weapon. While violence in our nation’s cities is becoming more rampant, both church and civic leaders here in Omaha are realizing that God answers our prayers, and our unity there truly changes our city. We have organized over 300 PrayerWalks with Omaha 360 since 2007, and our network has received national interest as we are applying what we have learned.

About a third of the Omaha 360 Violence Intervention and Prevention network participation is “Faith Based,” and when people get out of their pews, follow God, and bring the power of prayer and obedience into the streets we are experiencing God’s Favor in amazing ways. There are Community leaders, City Officials, Police Captains and the Mayor’s Staff at almost all of the PrayerWalks. Mayor Stothert has been to many PrayerWalks, and Dave is on the lead team for the Mayor’s Faith Community Task Force.

Many of the First Responders Homicide PrayerWalks have been attended by large groups of the victims’ family and friends--many of whom are unchurched. The Bible says to “Grieve with those who grieve”, so we do that first, thereby opening hurting hearts to receive ministry care. Without intentional planning, First Responders have become “Community Pastors.” One of my next priorities is to find creative ways to help connect in more local churches.

Over the last few years God has brought Sheryl and me a steady stream of mentoring relationships with local leaders who are walking where we have walked. We’ve had the privilege of passing on insights, lessons and encouragement, speaking into the next generation of leaders here. We don’t feel it is wisdom to share their names and situations in our Ministry Updates, but this is a great joy to us, and our ministry will be shifting more and more in that direction as the Lord gives opportunity.


Sept 3-10th Dave will be in ministering in Tijuana. The primary purpose of this trip is a marriage enrichment training conference for church leaders Fri-Sat with our Nigerian brother Femi Awodele

Sheryl isn’t going this time, due to the surgery, but I will be going early and staying after to follow-up our Spring trip training's in "Step Up To Life" and PrayerWalking and also have some meetings with leaders. You can see more on our Tijuana trip last spring in the previous blogs below.

Femi is covering our expenses while he is there but I need to raise about $1000.00 to cover my trip expenses. Support info is in the right column or in the Menu tab above.

Prayer Requests:

  • This trip is a step of faith especially, as like most ministries, our support had a significant summer drop last month. Please pray for the trip expenses to be met, and that we have enough support for September.
  • Please pray for me on this trip and for Sheryl here at home. I will be sending out regular trip updates. Our grandson, Caleb will be staying here nights and other family and friends will be checking in on her. 

Thanks so much for caring and praying for us! 
Information on personal support is to the right and in the Partner tab above. 

Help with the Tijuana trip can be sent through our regular support 
then send an email to for its designation.

We thank God for you and pray God’s Blessings on you so please keep us updated on what is happening so we can pray specifically…also never hesitate to call in a crisis…even in the middle of the night. 

Blessings, Dave & Sheryl

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