Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ever notice how time seems to be going faster? I used to think it was God’s grace for old people so they didn’t get bored with being old. However, since we’re not yet old, and time is STILL going faster, that must not be the reason! We’ve been home from Tijuana a week, and finally have time to finish reporting on that trip. Dave may have brought back another viral bug...but that goes with missions...

The second half of our week in TJ proved to be most interesting, and probably most fruitful. You may remember that Dave trained a group of eager young evangelists in using Step Up To Life last Fall when we were in El Niño. We met with them Thursday to share and answer questions for them. They very much wanted Dave to do another training time with friends from their area – La Morita—but it wasn’t on our schedule. However, before we knew it, they had contacted everyone, found a church to meet in, created and distributed flyers, and posted it on FaceBook! So, obviously it was now on our schedule!!

Saturday evening found us in a small church in La Morita – a community bordering El Niño. About 25 people were there, zealous in evangelism and eager to learn how to use this tool! They go out every weekend, preaching on the streets of the community, visiting the AIDS Hospice, the Rehab centers, the Youth Corrections facility, the prisons and jails, the Hospitals, and sharing about Jesus every chance they get! 

Dave has now personally trained about 35 of these young adults in using Step Up To Life, and they are multiplying faster than rabbits! They are teaching this tool in their own churches people, and the Word is spreading all through those incredibly poor communities bordering Tijuana proper.

We recorded a sharing time with both Angel and Joe, and Dave will soon have that edited and available. Their personal stories are amazing journeys to Jesus, and they are now bringing everyone they can persuade to His love. Thank-you beyond words to Pastor Elmer Murdoch for hearing this from the Lord so many years ago. If you’re not familiar with Step Up To Life, please check their website at www.stepuptolife.com to get acquainted with this evangelism tool.

Friday evening and Saturday morning, we spent time with several congregations in Rosarito (just SW of TJ along the ocean), working with them on strategic Prayerwalking, and planning with them on how to reach their city effectively. Pastor Fernando is one of the most gifted worship leaders we have ever been blessed to work with, so their services are always a treat for us to participate in.

Sunday morning, Dave preached at Lo Mejor del Trigo Church in el Niño which is on the opposite side of TJ from Rosarito. Pastor Jesús drove around the south side of TJ through some amazingly beautiful parts of Baja Mexico.

Pastor Daniel Nunez and his wife planted "Lo Mejor del Trigo" which means "Best of the Harvest" and this mother church has planted 30 daughter churches. We had a great time of sharing with these precious people again. Pastor Daniel’s mother attends there and is a precious mother in the faith for all of us. 

Monday morning found us meeting with a Pastors’ small group where we have many friends, with whom we have prayed and ministered many times. There is a lady pastor there who is 80 years old, and informed me that she attends Zumba classes regularly….it keeps her moving!! For those of you who don’t know, Zumba is somewhat like Jazzercise on steroids! She is full of the love of Jesus and a joy of life. She and her husband built the church there many years ago, and when he went to be with the Lord, she continued to pastor – although now has a staff to assist her.

The expenses for this trip were pretty well covered, and we thank each of you who helped specifically with this. Your Kingdom investment in our ministry continues to bear fruit both here and in Mexico.

Dave & Sheryl

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