Friday, March 21, 2014

Greetings from sunny Tijuana, where there is no snow on the ground, and Spring has definitely sprung! Flowering shrubs are beginning to bloom everywhere, covering the otherwise “unlovely” neighborhoods with gorgeous splotches of color. It would seem that God has His own redecorating program every year after the winter months!
Our flight was pretty much uneventful, except that the “unevent” began at 3:00 a.m! We landed at the airport in San Diego at 9:05 a.m., so that proved to be a very long day. The early part of the week has been rather less intense than most trips down here, and we’ve actually had some time to relax and get rested up a bit after the bouts of viruses and daily demands of the past few weeks. Dave has had time to get some preparation of messages done, looking ahead to a marathon of ministry from Friday until we get on the airplane next Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday morning Pastor Jesús took us to meet with two pastors that we’ve known for many years. One is the current president of the Pastoral Alliance, and the other is a past president. We had a couple of hours to just talk with them and hear how they believe God is working here in Tijuana. This always helps to formulate what we teach on and how we speak into situations when we’re here. There are many needs among the people, as economic issues begin to impact them here in Mexico as well as in the States.

Wednesday evening we attended the service at the church of another friend. It’s always so special to share in their worship times. It tends to remind one of the time that David danced before the Ark of the Covenant. These people ENGAGE with worship; they all sing at the top of their lungs; they dance before the Lord with great fervency; they clap until their hands sting! The little ones, sometimes as young as two years, are included in the worship. They are encouraged to dance, play tambourines, and express the joy of the Lord however their little hearts feel it. There is one little boy who is not quite three yet that plays drums as well as most worship band drummers I’ve heard! Seriously!! They grow up with this abandon before God being the norm for worship.

As we prayed with people after the service, we were reminded of the great needs in this community. People are not worried about their retirement, or their savings, or their 501K plans. They are concerned with putting food on the table tomorrow for their children because they have no jobs and no money….and none of the social welfare resources available to them that we have. They are learning to trust God to multiply their resources….food, gasoline, jobs, clothes, and health. There often is no place else to turn. We are reminded again of the time that Jesus said it’s not enough to say, “Be warm! Be fed!” And we wonder how we can make a difference in the faith of these people without the financial resources to help them all.

One person who came forward for prayer was a little girl of 10 years. Pastor Marco said she comes to church by herself….her family are not Believers. She only comes on Wednesday nights, and she walks by herself through the neighborhood to get there. She shared that she has a problem with her heart and as we prayed for her heart to be healed the Lord led us to minister into her fear of dying. Her faith in Jesus was so precious, and so simple. It touched our hearts deeply to see such a young one clearly drawn by the Holy Spirit to this church.

Yesterday we spent some time with a couple of guys who have taken Step Up To Life to new heights here in the outlying barrios of Tijuana. We’ll share more about that over the weekend, as we will have opportunity to teach another training workshop out there in La Morita, and Dave will have opportunity to do some Q&A with them. They attended a 3-hour workshop in November with us, and have studied and internalized the principles in an amazing way! They have reproduced into their own evangelism team, and are being asked already to train in other churches. The excitement and effectiveness of their team has been noticed, and others are asking about how they got that way. They have taken SUTL and “culturalized” it so that it works extremely effectively for them. They are in the AIDS/HIV hospice center, the rehab centers, the juvenile facilities, the jails, the markets, and on the streets on a weekly basis, sharing these principles and helping people determine where they are in relationship to God. More on that later…..

Tonight and tomorrow, Dave will be teaching in Rosarito with a group of pastors and people in a church where we've been a number of times before. He’ll be doing some things with Prayerwalking and city-reaching strategies with them. Sunday morning he’ll be preaching at the Lo Mejor del Trigo mother church, led by Pastor Daniel Nuñez. And the rest of our time here remains unfinalized at this point. It will be a very full weekend, so we especially ask for your prayers.

We’ve been sleeping well, enjoying the people and the food, and remain in good health….all answers to your prayers. The city continues to “roar” to the heavens with its voice, but in general feels much more peaceful than it did a few years ago. The sights, sounds, and smells have become somewhat familiar to us over the years, but still defy description that will allow you to experience it with us. Many more hundreds of people are now living in the storm drainage channel than there were before….homeless and hopeless, for the most part. People truly without a country, as they frequently grew up in the States but have now been deported. They often don’t speak Spanish and don’t have a place here in Mexico.

It’s easy to become discouraged when one looks at the vast needs of humanity. We wonder how any one person can even make a difference. But God has a plan and destiny for each one. As each one of us learns to know Him, hear Him, and follow Him, He is the One who can make a difference. Thank-you so much for being a part of this with us!

Please email us with any scriptures or words as the Lord prompts you. In the past, many were just what we needed that day.

We need about $900.00 to finish covering the costs for this trip and would appreciate your prayers and obedience as the Lord leads. 
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Dave & Sheryl

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