Sunday, March 9, 2014

A few years ago El Nino was just barren rocky hills along the US border just east of Tijuana…now it is exploding with families moving from extremely poor country communities to seek what they hope is a better life along the border. 

It was here Pastor Daniel Nunez planted Lo Mejor del Trigo Christian Ministries and 30 more churches in just three years. Last November we taught Step Up To Life to the pastors and a group of “Evangelists” in what turned into a perfect storm of readiness. 
Here are Pastor Jesus and me with some of the Lo Mejor del Trigo Evangelists.
Many of these “Evangelists” have amazing testimonies of being rescued out of lives of drugs, violence and even murder while involved in the gangs. While they are wonderful witnesses, they were hungry for more understanding on how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in bringing people to true conversion, and they literally devoured Step Up To Life with an enthusiasm I have never seen. 

Now, just a few months after that first training they want more. They have lots of questions...and they have friends they want to receive the SUTL training.

Rosarito is the ocean beach party place for Tijuana and also a center of significant Witchcraft and Satanism. The Lord moved wonderfully with Pastor Fernando and a group of pastors in our visit last November, and we have been invited to work together in a prayer outreach that will reach their community.

As on every trip, we connect with some of our Tijuana leaders and minister to the staff at our Christ For the City orphanages. Sheryl will do some teaching, and spend significant time praying with people individually. She will also fulfill her primary crucial role as Dave’s “ears” in many social situations.

This will be our 39th trip to Tijuana, coming alongside Pastor Jesús & Rosa Rodriguez to care for pastors, ministry leaders, and government officials. Since 1996, hundreds have become personal friends, and we’re honored to be considered as friends and teammates, rather than outsiders.
This wouldn't have happened without your prayers and support…together we’re doing what none of us could do alone.


Please pray for safety, health, ongoing favor, open hearts, and God’s anointing.

Please consider a financial contribution for this ministry trip.

When the leaders asked us to come, we committed trusting the Lord to meet our $2,300.00 budget for airfare, lodging, local travel, meals, and several lunches with leaders. We also like to leave a gift with Pastor Jesús & Rosa Rodriguez.

We’ll be sending Ministry & Prayer Email Updates during the trip so you can go with us in prayer. 

Tax deductible gifts (designated Gehrls-Tijuana) may be sent to
CFCI, PO Box 390395, Omaha, NE 68139-0395

Please send an email to so we know this is for Tijuana

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