Monday, February 24, 2014

“We saw you on TV…” is becoming fairly common these days…but the sad part is that it usually means someone was murdered.  We have been at over 250 homicide sites since the fall of 2007 and God has granted us great favor as we obeyed.  I want to thank you for enabling us to be there… together we are doing what none of us could do alone…and God is glorified on the streets of our city.
The PrayerWalk for five year old Payton Benson a few weeks ago was particularly hard. She was killed by a stray bullet that came from a running gang fight over a hundred yards away and found its way through the walls of her home as she was eating breakfast.  Sadly, there are people who sleep in their basements because of the threat of bullets coming through walls.
 There were over 150 at Payton's PrayerWalk, her family and friends, Mayor Stothert, her staff, Chief of police, many community leaders…and lots of media.  
The whole city was shaken by this tragedy and amid the reactions we had opportunity to share insights on TV, secular and Christian local talk radio, including a special interview in our home with WOWT’s Brian Mastre:  Shooting Revives Memories of Other Children Lost.  According to the Heartland 2050 Survey “reducing crime and making neighborhoods safer” is the number one felt need of Omaha so that is a key mission focus where “The Church needs to BE the Church of Jesus Christ.”
KCRO's Heartland Viewpoint
Not everyone is called to PrayerWalk homicide sites, but everyone needs to be hearing our Lord and doing their part like Sheryl’s Prayer Shawl team, who put a Prayer Shawl around Payton’s mom, ministered to her and gave her a special child’s Prayer Shawl for Payton’s remembrance box.

At many Homicide PrayerWalks it is important for leaders to speak to violence issues, but we are always there first to pray… to “grieve with those who grieve,” to minister to this neighborhood that has suffered violence, and to beseech God to intervene in our city.  Wherever there is a strong, ongoing visible presence, including PrayerWalking, police statistics show a corresponding reduction in violence…as much as 80% in one gang area we know well.
Our next trip to Tijuana is March 18-25 
One primary focus will be to follow up the “Step Up To Life” training with pastors & evangelists at Lo Major Del Trigo last November, a church that has planted over 30 daughter churches.  We will be getting out a special update on this trip next week.

Our support dropped significantly in January and so far in February, so with the TJ trip in March we are a bit anxious in our flesh, but looking to the Lord…Please pray for God’s supply and partner as led. 
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More than ever we appreciate the privilege of serving the Lord as our vocation…and that would not be possible without your partnership. Together we are able to do what none of us could do alone.  

Thank-You so much for partnering with us through prayer, support, time and encouraging friendship!
Dave & Sheryl

“A revival is nothing else than a new beginning of obedience to God.” ~ Charles Finney

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