Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Miracle from Christmas Past

We had I-94 all to ourselves as we drove through the falling snow in the middle of Wisconsin in our 1970 home conversion van on Christmas Eve 1975. I had just lost my job in Michigan and we were trying to get to my parents home in Minnesota non-stop as we had no money for a hotel. 
I started looking for a place to fill-up when the gas gauge was on ½ and it was now on empty…I pulled off the interstate and found a phone to call the highway patrol and ask if they knew of any open gas stations, they thought there might be one about 50 miles further north, so I requested for a patrol car check the interstate later in case we didn’t make it. 

Sheryl and I prayed as we drove on through the snow...4-yr old Matt sensed our anxiety and stood between the front van seats while Amy 2, and Sandy 1, slept. I value the faith and prayers of children so I asked him to pray that we not run out of gas. After he prayed, he was his normal happy self…he had already seen protecting angels with his young eyes…but I still struggled with grown-up anxiety.

Well, we drove over an hour that night on empty and I gladly paid an outrageous price when we saw that one open station…the only one between Illinois and Minneapolis. I have always kept mileage records and 12 mpg was the best that old ¾ ton van had ever done…but that night it got 37 mpg!

After Christmas we requested some time with my ministry mentors Pastors Hegre and Brokke at Bethany Fellowship (now Bethany College of Missions in Minneapolis).  After counseling and ministering to us in the loss of my employment, they connected us to a new church looking for an associate/youth pastor in Omaha, NE.  A few days later that old van was on the road again for a life changing visit with Pastor Elmer Murdoch and a young growing church holding services at Roncalli High School.

As your family may gather this Christmas like ours will, I am so strongly impressed on how critical it will be in the days ahead to have, and pass on, a confidence in our All Wise, All Powerful and Sovereign God to care for His kids.  I believe we are at the onset of significant cultural change and increased spiritual warfare where God will allow us to be tried, tested and where no one can be lukewarm in their faith.

Thank-You so much for partnering with us through prayer, support, time and encouraging friendship!  


Dave & Sheryl

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