Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Morning Update from Tijuana

Monday Morning, November 11:

This is going to be quick...Sheryl is getting ready so you get me this time...leaving in a few minutes to speak at a pastors group with breakfast following. Noon with founders of our orphanages and afternoon with orphanage staff while kids in school. Tonight at another pastors group. 

We had an amazing first two days and will share more as soon as we have a longer break...right now it is minister, eat, sleep, it.

One quick report the Step Up to LIfe training was probably one of the greatest times in recent trips for me...This was a group of church planters that were one or two years into their plantings, and the timing was perfect...they were so hungry and ate it up as fast as I could share. Sheryl and Jesus said it was one of my best and clearest presentations of SUTL. We will be excited to track with them and provide support...several of them already want to set up training with other pastors.

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Everything here is built on relationships that you have helped us develop and maintain over the years and we feel so honored that the Lord has allowed us to be part of what He is doing in Tijuana.

Blessings, Dave

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