Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tijuana Trip Update:

We just finished helping with an awesome conference called “More God, Less Crime”  for which I will get a report out soon. Right now we are getting ready to head out to Tijuana next Tuesday.

God has given us great favor in Tijuana since 1996, a key to that is going with servant hearts and listening ears. It is easy to go focused on what we felt from the previous trip, or on what we were asked to do when invited... but Tijuana is very dynamic so everything is fluid. Every trip requires flexibility as we listen to God and the leaders in Tijuana.

A few days ago Pastor Jesús Rodriguez sent us the latest plans…two planned events are modified or postponed and an all day conference was added with a new group of churches, this in addition to ministering with good friends in several pastors groups and to the staff of our CFCI orphanages. We will update on these during the trip.

We were primarily preparing for a teaching trip, but Pastor Jesús is receiving a number of requests from leaders and couples that want personal ministry time with us. As many of you know, over the years some of the most effective ministry has not been so much in the meetings but in these personal times with key leaders. This is a wonderful honor, but with just two of us it can be very draining…we will need a lot of prayer, good sleep and lot’s of God’s Grace.

When the leaders in Tijuana asked us to come this time we committed trusting the Lord to meet our $2,500.00 budget for airfare, lodging, local travel, meals, and several lunches with leaders. We have about half of that raised and our regular support was low last month so please pray for God’s supply. CFCI can deposit directly into our account and we can draw on it in Tijuana. We appreciate so much being able to serve the Lord vocationally and pray God's Blessings on you. 

We need prayer for a physical need for me (Dave). The last several months I have had a very inflamed and painful nerve from my neck to my left hand. An MRI yesterday showed that there is severe narrowing where the nerve leaves my cervical spine. I am waiting on a call from a neurologist's office to go get a shot into that nerve.

Dave & Sheryl

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