Friday, October 28, 2011

Update from Tijuana

Dave reporting this time...Sheryl is currently sitting down by the pool working on her notes for the women's conference tomorrow.

We just got back from an amazing teaching & ministry time with about 20 pastors & spouses in one of the poorest and gang active areas of Tijuana. The lady pastor who's church we met at is the one in this picture below taken in February of 2010 as we were ministering to her about a month after her teenage son (and ministry helper) was caught in gang cross-fire in front of their church and killed.  Today, in this pastor's prayer group she leads, we saw some of the wonderful fruit of her faithfulness and sacrifice.  
I always come back from groups like this humbled by their faith and commitment in the face of unbelievable hardship ...there is something almost indescribable about worshiping in these churches...many with dirt floors...if I could just take their joyous faith and sacrifice and import it back to Omaha...
Not only did God move mightily as we ministered to them but when they prayed over us we were broken to tears...Our meetings with pastors/wives so far this trip have had some of the strongest anointings both in speaking and in ministry we have ever had down here...we are feeling so firmly supported in prayer, Thank You So Much. 
Tonight Steve and I will be in a totally different environment as we minister to a home group near our hotel in Rosarito...also tonight the weekend party noise starts on the beach and I am already feeling that spirit from my hotel room...Sheryl and Mary will be at a local church here in Rosarito that worships and prays into the heavenlies every Friday preaching...just worship and warfare prayer.
Tomorrow morning, Sheryl and Mary do the women's conference she shared about in yesterday's update and Steve and I will be ministering to another key Tijuana pastors group we have a long-term relationship with. Tomorrow night I have been asked to speak at a large youth rally and our team will be ministering...I am believing God to speak His Destiny into their generation in Tijuana.
Blessings, Dave for the team

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