Friday, April 1, 2011

Tijuana FreshStart Team Prayer Update -Friday...Urgent!

Friday morning…About 3:00 AM Sheryl started throwing up/diarrhea with rotating cold-clammy/hot-sweats…really nasty stuff. About 8:00 AM with her head over a wastebasket she said to just let her die…NOPE! We think is viral and I will focus on keeping her as comfortable as I can and from getting dehydrated. The rest of the team prayed for her before leaving and she seems to be sleeping a bit more between rounds.

Please lift her up in prayer… especially she says for the nausea right now…also that this does not spread to the rest of us… The team can function without Sheryl and me today but tomorrow is the FreshStart Training for Steve and the team and I will be teaching SUTL at another location. I will send brief updates on Sheryl as this progresses.

Yesterday (Thursday) we started with a breakfast here at the hotel with about 10 key leaders, then ministered to our hosts, Pastor Jesús and Rosa in their home, followed by a wonderful time at one of the orphanages where Pastor Steve taught about the orphan spirit to the staff before we ministered to them. A young volunteer psychologist at the orphanage heard we were coming and canceled her afternoon appointments to attend…It was a Divine appointment as our FreshStart team was privileged to help her Step Up To Life in Jesus! See pictures below.

As I write this the team is ministering at a pastors cell group and will have meetings with individual leaders/spouses this afternoon.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is training day: It looks like there will be a good turnout for the FreshStart Training and we also hope to see the beginnings of a FreshStart Tijuana Leadership Team come from this time.

A year ago Pastor Jesus Tierrablanca Penet came to the training with Pastor Elmer Murdoch and has been using SUTL in his own church. He also oversees 12 other churches and he has asked each church to send 10 people to tomorrows SUTL training in preparation for a united outreach they are doing later this month. Pastor Penet and his wife also have a jail ministry here in Mexico, particularly working with women in the prison system and are using SUTL there.

I usually have Sheryl proof my updates, but I am on my own this time so please give grace if there are any mistakes…

Blessings, Dave for the Tijuana Team

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