Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friday Update from Tijuana

Time to update you all with what’s been happening during the past two days of our stay here in Tijuana. In our last email we told you Steve had his passport in hand and we were on the freeway headed towards the border. He was told to appear at the Federal Building at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday to pick up his passport, assuming it would be ready that day. We arrived early, dropped him off, drove around the block, and he phoned to say he already had it and was headed towards the parking lot to be picked up! … 12:50…. Have you ever known government processing to be done ahead of time!

Long story shortened, we arrived back in San Diego, dropped off the rental car, and Jesús picked us up and took us to check in at the hotel in Tijuana. Within half an hour we were at the church service scheduled for that evening and back on the track from which we had been temporarily derailed. We didn’t miss anything in our schedule except the prep time with Pastor Jesús for the upcoming week, so have just had to adapt as we go. Steve preached that evening on difficulties, problems, and the faithfulness of God. We ended the evening with about two more hours of prayer ministry for those desiring that. We split up and ministered to the people…both with and without interpreters. We have seen God do some truly amazing things as he has given words of knowledge, words of wisdom in counsel, and prayers of healing – both emotionally and spiritually.

Thursday morning, we drove way up into the hills in Tijuana to meet with a Pastoral couple on the verge of separation. Additionally, she has recently been diagnosed with a breast tumor that is likely cancer. The biopsy report was due back today, although we haven’t heard the results. The doctors had told her that it was likely she would only have 6 months to live, based on what they thought they saw. As we ministered to them, the Lord began to build trust and transparency, and we were able to speak and pray into some deep wounds and heart issues. The Lord was very present and touched them in some precious healing ways. Now we continue to wait for the manifestation of the physical healing.

Last evening Dave met with a pastor and his wife who have been using Step Up To Life since Pastor Murdoch was here in February. He oversees 12 Baptist churches, and is putting together a training time for all twelve of those pastors, asking them to bring 10 people each from their churches to be trained in using SUTL! All this in preparation for an outreach they are planning to conduct in April. The Pastor and his wife also have a jail ministry here in Mexico, particularly working with women in the prison system…..also using SUTL there. It was a very encouraging time for Dave to meet with them and to water the seed that was planted some months ago.

This morning we met with a group of elders and the pastor of a relatively new and rapidly growing church in La Playa just a little ways from central Tijuana. That was a very exciting time! They are looking for ways to engage their church, and were very receptive to the three primary tools we bring to this city: Fresh Start, Step Up To Life, and Prayerwalking. They already do a number of kinds of model outreach programs, and SUTL will fit into them beautifully. Probably will be back here to do more leadership development with them.

Another service and ministry time tonight, and Dave will be preaching and tomorrow morning (Saturday) we will be ministering to a group of pastors and wives. Please continue to pray for health and strength. The trip has been somewhat stressful physically for all of us in various ways. We are convinced, though, that we were to be here. God has been confirming that over and over in the ways that he has touched people. We have yet to meet with several pastoral couples in marriage crisis, so pray for wisdom. Even one of those situations can potentially affect hundreds of people here in the Body of Christ in Tijuana. We’ve had opportunity to reconnect with old friends, and met a number of new ones.

Sunday Dave and Steve will be ministering in two different churches and we will leave to come across the border again early Sunday evening, meet with the Base team in Ocean Beach/San Diego if we can, and be back in Omaha Tuesday.

Blessings to all and thanks for all your continued prayers!
Dave & Sheryl
Steve & Mary

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