Thursday, February 18, 2010

Upate From Tijuana

TIJUANA – Wednesday, Feb. 17th :

Here we are once again in the beautiful city of Tijuana, Mexico! Beautiful, you ask? Yes, beautiful through the lens of God’s destiny for this city. As I stood in the 7th floor window of the hotel early this morning watching the sunrise, I looked out over the city towards the mountains in the distance. A light fog hung over the city – or was it the air pollution? I could see thousands of homes, literally one on top of the other, and was reminded once again of the hundreds of thousands here who do not live in the peace of the Savior, not knowing of His love for them.

The trip here yesterday was uneventful with one notable exception – the hydraulic fluid leak they found in the plane scheduled to take us from Phoenix to San Diego! The good news was that we weren’t in the air yet, and that they were able to swap out another plane for us instead of sending us on to San Diego on that one!

It has been wonderful to begin to reconnect with friends in the ministry here who are faithfully working to bring the Gospel to this city, and to care for the hearts of God’s people here. Because of your participation with us, we now have relationships with pastors and their families (as well as government leaders) that encourage, sustain, and support all of us in the Body of Christ. They welcome us with open arms, and are always eager to receive the Kingdom tools and resources that we bring. Fresh Start continues to be used in healing the hearts of the people, Step Up To Life is gradually taking root in their hearts, and PrayerWalking their areas of the city is something that the churches are really stretching into at the present time. Seeds that have been planted relationally for the past 10 years are beginning to grow and bear much Kingdom fruit here.

A couple of fun notes – we went from the airport down to Ocean Beach for a little while before crossing the border into Tijuana. For all you water sports people, the surf was rolling in and it was a good day to be out on the waves if you are into that stuff.

This afternoon we have lunch with Gerardo and get an initial update on Marked For Life. Later this evening, we will be at a local church where we’ve been other times; Steve will speak, followed by team ministry.

Tomorrow we visit and minister to the leaders at our two CFCI orphanages before heading up to San Diego to pick up Pastor Murdoch.

Based on spiritual attacks we’ve all encountered the last two weeks, we feel Satan is really threatened more than usual by this trip. Yesterday Pastor Murdoch was hit with two health issues.

Please pray for the Peace of God on the trip. We’re looking forward to amazing things with Pastor here teaching and spending some times with us. We look for God to also bring fruit from seeds being planted by SUTL this year…lasting fruit for the Kingdom.

Also pray that finances will continue to come in to CFCI for our part of this trip. As of today we have received just under a $1000.00 towards our $3200.00 trip budget.

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More tomorrow,
Dave, Sheryl, Steve & Mary

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