Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tijuana Step Up To Life Pastors Training with Pastor Murdoch, Steve & Mary Rife

Last November, Pastor Lincoln Murdoch trained over 100 of Tijuana’s pastors and church leaders in SUTL. (See pictures and reports in this blogs back posts.
Many pastors in Tijuana are frustrated with the lack of lasting results in their ministry. During this trip, Pastor Murdoch will train senior pastors and trainers in the scriptural principles of SUTL, i.e., Conviction, Repentance, and Lordship.
The arrival of a point team to prepare for a good training event has proven to be crucial. God has given us great favor with Tijuana’s Christian leaders precisely because we visit the many small pastors groups...ministering personally to the leaders, building and maintaining relationships.
In November, Sheryl and I went a week ahead of Pastor Lincoln, and the Lord gave a wonderful response of over 100 participants. This time, Steve and Mary Rife will be joining us to meet with and minister to a growing list of leaders before Pastor Murdoch arrives Thursday night. On Friday, Pastor will join us in personal ministry to some key leaders and lead the SUTL Pastors’ seminar on Saturday.
Sunday, we will minister in separate churches before returning to San Diego late that afternoon. Pastor will fly home Monday morning, and the Rifes and Gehrls will celebrate Steve’s birthday a day early before flying home Tuesday morning.
Step Up To Life is covering Pastor Murdoch’s expenses; however, Rifes and Gehrls need to cover the rest. Would you consider partnering with us in this exciting opportunity to invest in the lives and hearts of the city leaders of Tijuana at this crucial time?
While we covet your prayers, our $3200.00 team budget for this trip (including airfare, lodging, and meals, etc. for the four of us) is part of the “reality.” The Gehrls and Rifes have committed to go, trusting the Lord to supply. Your participation would be a great blessing and answer to prayer.
Please begin now to pray for us as we go: for prepared hearts, for our safety and fruit of our investment into the hearts of Tijuana’s city leaders. Come along with us online and in prayer by subscribing to this blog. We will be posting daily updates from Tijuana.Thank-you for investing in our ministry,
Dave & Sheryl and Steve & Mary
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