Monday, November 2, 2009

Tijuana: Day One

Greetings Faithful Ones!

We arrived safely yesterday morning in San Diego, having left home MUCH too early Sunday morning! Seemed like an entire day had passed, and we weren’t even at noon yet!! Great flight, no problems with connections or luggage, or even bumps in the air. Jesús and Rosa picked us up about 1:00 and we went over to their church with them for service at 2:00 p.m. Jesús pastors a small CMA church in Chula Vista in order to supplement his support through CFCI. Dave shared in the service regarding appropriating the blood of Jesus – the Great Overcomer – and the message was well received, followed by a time of praying with several people whose hearts were really hurting. The Hispanic congregation has a large number of single moms, and the economic system out here has been particularly hard on them as they try to raise families alone.

For those of you who have been here with us, the service was followed by the usual time of eating tacos together, and as usual, the food and fellowship were great! We love these people. I wish I had more Spanish (I’m sure Rosetta Stone would help!), but we communicate how we can – and with many charades and one-word sentences!

Jesús and Rosa send their love. She is doing much better healthwise, for which we are all thankful as it allows her to be more involved in ministry with Jesús. They will be picking us up shortly for a morning meeting with a Pastors’ prayer group where Dave will be speaking this morning. The work that we do this week will be twofold in nature.
  1. Frst, the people here need a strong word of encouragement. The financial situation is not good, and many are seriously struggling to have the means to support their families, let alone have any funds to travel about the city to minister to their people. Many are very discouraged, so it is important that we bring the comfort and encouragement of the Holy Spirit in order to lift their eyes to Jesus who waits for us all at the finish line of this endless Marathon called life!
  2. Second, we will be planting seeds in preparation for Step Up to Life training among pastors and churches here in the city. Pastor Lincoln Murdoch will be here with us next weekend to do a day-long pastors’ training time, and the hope is that nearly 100 pastors will attend. They will then be able to take SUTL back to teach their congregations, followed by Pastor Elmer Murdoch coming in January with a follow-up seminar. A new SUTL pamphlet using the Marked For Life logo, and done in Spanish, is nearly hot off the presses from our son-in-law’s company, so everyone is excited about getting this striking new tool!
The week will include a number of meetings with pastors’ groups, and several individual times with specific pastoral couples that we need to connect with while down here. Please pray, as some of them are experiencing great spiritual opposition, and other difficulties that can be very discouraging.

We have brought with us the newest “Transformations” video regarding the amazing work of God among the police force in San Paulo, Brazil. There is a great deal of interest here in developing a Chaplain Corps for the Tijuana Police Department. The time is not quite ripe yet, but Jesús and I will be meeting with some individuals later in the week to talk about what resources CFCI might be able to bring to the table for that. (Stand by, Dennis Flohm!) Pray for clear communication and open doors into that segment of the city.

The other area where the pastors are beginning to move has to do with Pastoral training. They are presently beginning a theology/discipleship course taught by a man from Phoenix (I think) who is a Mexican himself. There is great enthusiasm among the pastors here, and a good number have already enrolled for this course. I will be meeting more with Jesús and some of the pastors to determine what other areas of pastoral training would be helpful to them, and maybe beginning to look at developing that more with them.

Dave sends his greetings! Please continue to pray for strength, energy, endurance, wisdom, safety, our families at home, and much revelation as we move through this week. The night was strange last night with very little sleep. Because of the time difference, and Daylight Savings time, we’re operating at a 3-hour shift right now. Just enough to make eating and sleeping weird! Dave tells me we’re running out of time if we still want morning coffee! So, we’ll be in touch again tomorrow.

Blessings to you all,
Sheryl for Dave
Tijuana, MX

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