Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tijuana Step Up To Life Ministry Trip, November 1-8

For nearly ten years I’ve been making ministry trips to Tijuana several times a year, staying a week or more each time -- teaching and building relationships with our CFCI ministries and the many pastors’ prayer groups in that city. Pastor Jesús Rodriguez and his wife Rosa have become very good friends, and in the process of helping to train their church, I shared with them the underlying principles and applications of Step Up To Life (SUTL), developed by Pastor Elmer Murdoch www.stepuptolife.com. Today Pastor Jesús is President of the Pastoral Alliance of Tijuana, and we have been invited to share SUTL, partnering with the Alliance in a citywide youth evangelism mobilization called “Marked For Life”. The plan for this outreach was given by God to Tijuana businessman Gerardo Espejel, leader of the youth part of the Pastoral Alliance. (More on “Marked in future updates.)

In recent years, Evangelicals have become the leading religious influence in Tijuana. The first-ever citywide outreach was conducted in conjunction with the Franklin Graham Association about five years ago. “Marked For Life” will be the first citywide outreach that is fully their own.

Early Sunday morning, Nov. 1st, Sheryl and I will be flying to San Diego/Tijuana to visit as many pastors’ prayer groups as possible during the week. Pastor Lincoln Murdoch will be coming in for a SUTL training day on Saturday, Nov. 7th. As usual, Sheryl and I will also be ministering to the staff of CFCI orphanages and to key church/government leaders by appointment. For many years I made these trips alone, and then the Lord started sending teams. This is the first time just Sheryl and I have gone, and we’re thankful to be able to make this trip together. Pending future trips will include SUTL training with Pastor Elmer Murdoch in Jan/Feb and another Fresh Start trip with Pastor Steve Peterson in April.

Pastor Jesús tells me that the economy in Mexico is so bad that it’s difficult for pastors to attend any event. Many literally don’t have money even for essentials. Please pray that God will provide for His servants in Tijuana in the midst of this economic crisis, which is part of the spiritual battle to hinder their citywide efforts.

One reason Sheryl will be able to make this trip with me, is that she’s transitioning from the CFCI International Office to the position of CFCI Omaha Ministry Base Planter/Director. We’re very excited about this, as it allows her to move more fully into her gifts and calling. In addition, it frees me to focus more around my calling to coach ministry leaders and to oversee the growing Prayer Mobilization here in Omaha (We had another remarkable prayerwalk at a homicide site last night where God answered prayer within minutes…please go to http://prayerwalkingtheheartland.blogspot.com for an exciting update with pictures). However, this ministry change is also a big faith challenge for us, since at the beginning of each month until the end of the year, she transitions one more day a week to the Base, and loses 20% of her paycheck at the International Office.

Step Up To Life has committed to provide training and materials for Tijuana and has generously assisted with my travel and administrative expenses for this nine month outreach, but we’ll need to raise an additional $1000.00 to meet the rest of the expenses for this trip.

We need lots of prayer during this trip, and you can travel with us online! Just reply to this email, and we’ll update you every day or two during our trip. We also have a new personal ministry blog you may subscribe to at http://gehrlsministry.blogspot.com that will be kept updated from TJ. During the last two trips, we have received wonderfully encouraging words and scriptures…several that were exactly what we needed in ministry the next day. Please join us on this trip through prayer and by considering a financial partnership.

We’d love to have you be a part of what God is doing in Tijuana!

Blessings, Dave & Sheryl

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